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Episode 49. Fitness Friday with Joe

Going overhead is cool! It’s also very complicated when you try and do it fast! And, why would anyone do such a thing? Welp, enter Weightlifting… not weight lifting. In this quick hitting fitness forward episode Joe covers total body awareness when moving quickly to an overhead position and a set of exercises anyone can…

Episode 48. Whether You Think Can or Think You Can’t You’re Right

Jaremy and Joe discuss many training related topics. How to stay motivated, how to mange the swings of training for performance, actionable tips for limiting device time, the benefits of trying new sports, why play is great for all ages, and of course why any of this matters in terms of notching your next tag!

Episode 47. Fitness Friday

On this edition of Fitness Friday Joe tempts you to try new sports. This is something he still continues to do regularly, even going into his 40’s. In fact, this is exactly the reason he got into hunting. His newest challenge is taking on the Hockey! Also, for folks who haven’t tried Weightlifting, not to…

Episode 46. The Struggle is…?

Jaremy recaps his quick run through the PNW hunting expo in Portland while Joe brags on his 7 years old daughter. Check out the video that got the fellas standing tall on a big old soap box here.

Episode 45. Fitness Friday

On this edition of Fitness Friday Joe talks about drills to support solid running mechanics and the development of elasticity in your joints. Follow along and check out the drills at the links below. Mid Range Squat Mid Range Squat Jump

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