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Episode 63. Working Out or Training Smart?

Joe and Jaremy have a healthy discussion about current quarantine interventions and bounce around the potential for late spring and fall hunts. The meat of the is Joe helping Jaremy organize his at home workouts so he can enjoy the fruits of his labor, not just labor!

Episode 62. Fitness Friday with Joe

If you are still stuck at home with zero to no equipment to train, Joe offers up some ideas to bring contrast into stale training! Work for Tempo, explosiveness, reps, time, position and awkwardness.

Episode 61. Lost and Found

We are all trying to be as productive as possible under Quarantine. While Joe was playing dress up Jaremy uncovered some old hunting maps that may lead to new honey holes!

Episode 59. Fitness Friday with Joe

Joe discusses tips for home schooling your kiddos and specialty foot ware. View the post that guides the show here. Check out Born to Run here.

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