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Episode 28. I’d Chukar

This week Joe and Jaremy discuss small game hunting and chasing Chukar!  As you will listen, these birds are fun at first but have a way of pissing you off enough to take another try, but isn’t that the fun of any challenging hunt. Before the boys get into the specifics of hunting this challenging…

Episode 27. Curious About Mule Deer?

Jaremy and Joe are contemplating chasing Mule deer this late season in Eastern Washington.  With that in mind they consider tactics, the potential terrain, and possible weather considerations.  Mule deer are not a species either has much experience with so there are more questions than answers in this episode.  If you can confirm, deny, or…

Episode 25. Post Elk Camp Rendezvous

Jarmey and Joe are joined by their elk camp comrades! Topics discussed include nic names, camp life, the contrast in camp and at home lifestyles, personal stories from the field, how each works with their spouse to find time in the woods.

Episode 24. Field to Fork: Elk Heart

Joe steps out of elk camp for a two days to tend to home and share a great recipe with you!  If you have never eaten the heart from your wild game this is a must listen.  Joe talks you through cleaning and elk heart, trimming the heart, and preparing the heart in a way…

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