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Welcome to the Backcountry and Barbells Podcast.  We are obsessed with the idea of helping all folks train, hunt, and live the best lives possible.  We also aim to carry on and inspire best hunting practices and quality training habits for generations to come.

Host’s Jarmey Day and Joe Szymanek are each experts in their respective niches.  Jaremy is a certified hunters safety instructor for the state of Washington and self taught hunter with over 24 years of experience.  Joe is a strength and conditioning coach and former CrossFit Games athlete.  Together, their experiences are sure to help those with a willingness to learn and eagerness to try increase their preparedness.

Listen to their stories, learn from their mistakes, and offer up your own thoughts on their conversations with other experts each week.  Expect new content early and often each Monday.  Also, for all things Backcountry and Barbells, including training programs and the latest hunting tips, be sure to head over to


About the author, Joe

Joe is a CSCS, hold an MA in Education, and is a full time teachers and coach. When he isn't training or hunting he is spending time with his wife Eliza and their three children. Learn more at

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