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Welcome to Backcountry and Barbells!

We are committed to inspiring all people to TRAIN, HUNT, and LIVE the best lives possible.

We accomplish this simple and bold mission by telling personal stories, answering your questions, and interviewing leaders in both the hunting and training communities.

Turn the noise around you down, your device up, and prepare yourself to be entertained and educated.


New to the show?

"Jaremy and Joe are fun, engaging, and each are experts in their field.  If you are looking to get WOODS READY you are in the right place!"

Dave Snay, Listener
Gig Harbor, WA



Start your home based strength and conditioning journey with BASE CAMP. Enjoy, Six weeks of simple, effective and challenging workouts. Each session includes video links to exercise demos.  Start today so you can be WOODS READY tomorrow  

About Backcountry and Barbells

This podcast started with two guys helping each other get better.  Our conversations started with questions, then workouts.  Eventually, camps were set, tags were notched and memories made! Join the fun by listening, bringing up a topic, or suggesting an interview!

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